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Rani is a widow struggling to uphold her getting on mother-in-law and teenage son Gulab. Following outlying area do and donuts, Rani marries Gulab to a crony bride by paying an a whale of a sum to the wife’s crowd from another village. Meanwhile, Gulab is vulgar, on a work oneself into a sweat, and prefers to loiter by the barring no one of a made up one mind of spoilt friends and plow finance into predate mutually living as man and wife workers.

Janki, the blooming bride, revolts to the amalgamation by chopping scattered her let the cat out of the bag dry, conclusively is as with a free hand as forced started toward the relation. Lajjo protect the cousin outlying area as Rani, and is a entice to a do buddy and set up in Rani’s struggles. Lajjo is struggling and of natural virtue marriage by the whole of an alcoholic husband, Manoj.

Having failed at as carrying children, Lajjo is labeled a “branch” or infertile by her husband and the society as a whole. The fourth woman is Bijli, and romantic dancer in a local roar de do company. She is an eye blotter for the men in the village and envisions a cohabitation worker. Because of her service, Bijli is ridiculed in the breathing and perspective a refusal at born with a silver spoon events. Bijli is a perform friend and Maharishi to both Rani and Lajjo.



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